7 places in Krakow perfect to relax, drink and feel the summer atmosphere

16 lipca 2018

KRAKOW is a magical city. It has an amazing atmosphere which makes that you don’t want to leave this place. Every time I’m in Krakow, I always have the same feeling… I can’t believe that it is so beautiful. It has an unique power – something it is difficult to explain. You just need to be there and feel it.

Why Krakow affects our emotions so much? Of course there are many reasons. Krakow is undoubtedly amazing city. It is a historical city with lots of monuments, churches, beautiful Wawel Castle  and narrow streets that give the city a touch of mystery. What else creates this amazing atmosphere? Of course people and places. In summer (not only, but especially in summer) I love going out in Krakow with my friends. That’s why I would like to present you my favorite places in Krakow in summer where I can relax, talk, drink something with my friends and what is the most important feel the great atmosphere of the city:

1. FORUM PRZESTRZENIE – it is a really chilling place where you can relax on a sun lounger next to the Vistula River with a beautiful view of Wawel Castle. You can relax here drinking a refreshing lemonade or a cold beer. It is a perfect place where you can feel the real taste of holidays.

2. STARA ZAJEZDNIA – it is located in a Jewish District – Kazimierz. This is a great place to sit and relax during a walk on the way from Podgórze to Kazimierz. Sometimes, there is a summer cinema organized there where you can watch extraordinary film screenings and at the same time - drink a delicious honey beer or seasonal beer such as apple or pear beer.

3. WEZZE KRAFTA – it is an interesting place that is situated in the center of the famous “Dolnych Mlynów” street – the street is now becoming more and more popular in Krakow as a place great for relaxing, having a good time with friends and tasting delicious drinks. Wezze Krafta is a place where you can try delicious original beer. It is sometimes crowded, loud and noisy but exactly as it should be in a such a place – this chaos combined with a great beer gives it an unusual character. It is one of the largest tap bar in Krakow which offers about 25 craft beers. If you are a beer lover and like interesting places, you definitely should visit it.

4. MLECZARNIA – this is a specific place – cosy and unique place with the beautiful garden. It is a place just to sit, to feel the atmosphere and to talk with a friend drinking a delicious coffee served in a big cups that you can drink for hours.

5. CAFÉ CAMELOT – it is a very cosy place situated on Sw. Tomasza Street. It has a really nice garden both at the front and at the back. You can have a great time with your friends there, drinking a good wine or different liqueurs as well as delicious tea and coffee. However, the most important is that atmosphere – you come here to feel it.

6. BARKA – it is a boat located on Vistula River between Podgórze and Kazimierz. You can enjoy there afternoon drink with the summer sun on your face. In the evening you can participate in a dance party and have a really good time with your friends.

7. BEZOGRÓDEK – if you want to laze on a sun lounger with your friends, Food Truck Park Bezogródek is a perfect place. It is situated at the end of B?onia. It is not so close to the city center but it is definitely worth to walk there. I love food and drinks from food trucks so if you are a “food truck” lover you must visit this place. Apart from different types of food you can drink a wine or a cold beer – for sure you will  feel a chilling summer atmosphere there.


If you are going to spend your summer break in Krakow, I truly recommend you to visit these places. You will feel there a real summer atmosphere with a touch of Krakow mystery. For sure walking through the streets of Krakow you will find your own places where you will feel “it”. You will love summer in Krakow and going out with your friends will be one of the most favorite activity for you – I promise :)


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